The Governance Policy is divided into two sections: Engagement Policy and a Proxy Voting Policy.

Engagement Policy

Aeon Investment Management’s engagement policy entails details on the types of engagements we have, the process of engagement and the number of interactions held with company management concerning Environmental, Social and GGo overn vernance ance Policy Policy Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. By engaging with company management, we alert them to ESG factors which they should consider in future, should they not be aware of certain risk factors as a result of ESG infractions. Note that at Aeon Investment Management, we do not primarily use ESG factors to make an investment decision but rather to aid our investment decisions. We prioritise collaborative engagements per our exposure, impact to materiality exposure of shares we hold and the shares we might hold in future. We normally define specific objectives for companies’ engagement activities and monitor the actions they take following the engagement.

Proxy Voting Policy

Aeon Investment Management follows the King IV code and principles outlined in the UNPRI when making proxy vote decisions on behalf of our clients. Any conflicting resolution is usually voted against if no sufficient justification is provided. Aeon Investment Management considers it’s internally developed Social Policy in its proxy voting decision-making. Inevitably most resolutions do not cover the Social Policy framework and in this instance, we interact and lobby company management directly on social responsibility investment and ESG relevant issues.


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