Aeon Investment Management Complaints Policy & Process

Aeon Investment Management is a boutique investment management firm with a focus primarily on institutional clients. The complaints process is designed to cater to the institutional nature of its clients. The policy is however suitable to retail investors. It is the policy of Aeon Investment Management, in so far as practically possible, to follow the requirements of the general FSB code of conduct regarding complaints.

Aeon Investment Management must:

  • request that any client who has a complaint against the provider must lodge such complaint in writing with all relevant documentation (email is acceptable) and addressed to any of the directors at Aeon Investment Management;
  • maintain an electronic record of such complaints for a period of five years;
  • handle complaints from clients in a timely and fair manner;
  • acknowledge receipt in writing within 48 hours and indicate who will attend to the compliant and by when a response can be expected;
  • within five business days attempt to resolve the complaint with complainant
  • if compliant is still not resolved, appoint an independent mediator to assist in resolving complaint
  • if complaint still not resolved advise the client that they can forward all documentation to Ombud for Financial Services Providers (provided within six months) and advise complainant of his or her rights to make representations to the Ombud for Financial Services Providers:
    • Physical Address: FAIS Ombud, Eastwood Office Park, Baobab House, Ground Floor, Lynnwood Ridge, 0081
    • Postal Address: P.O. Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
    • Customer Contact Division: 0860FAISOM (0860324766)
    • Telephone: +27 12 470 9080 +27 12 470 9080
    • Facsimile: + 27 12 348 3447
    • E-mail address: 
    • Website:
  • take steps to investigate and respond promptly to such complaints; and
  • where such a complaint is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, advise the client of any further steps which may be available to the client in terms of the Act or any other law
  • will ensure that the directors allocate sufficient time and resources to ensure complaint is resolved in a reasonable time frame
  • the directors must review the complaints and ensure processes or procedures are put in place to ensure that such or similar complaints do not occur in future
  • subject to any contractual obligations, give immediate effect to a request of a client who voluntarily seeks to terminate any agreement with the provider or relating to a financial product or advice
  • where the client makes the request on the advice of the Aeon Investment Management, Aeon Investment Management must take reasonable steps to ensure that the client fully understands all the implications of the termination.

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