NEWSMAKER: What Louw Should Have Done to Cure Adcock Ingram

Business Day BDLive - 31 March 2013 Chris Baron ..."I have never seen Saad being rude or bombastic, but I wouldn't be surprised if he loses his cool with someone who is not performing and makes a decision to cut him quite quickly," said Asief Mohamed, chief investment officer at Aeon Investment and a Bidvest [...]

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Shareholders Want Sight of Cipla Medpro Supply Deal

Business Day BDLive - 27 March 2013 Tamar Kahn ..."They should disclose it," agreed Aeon Investment Management’s chief investment officer, Asief Mohamed..."There is nothing that the shareholders would find in there that would cause them any concern," he said. "I think in the scenario where the transaction does not go ahead, we would find ourselves [...]

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Cashbuild Feels Drop in Consumer Spending

Business Day BDLive - 18 March 2013 Andries Mahlangu ...On a two-year outlook, one could expect interest rates to put further pressure on an indebted consumer, said Aeon Investment Management chief investment officer Asief Mohamed."Retailers have benefited significantly in the past from the significant growth of social grants, low interest rates and rapid growth in [...]

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Wheat Drives Inflation Bets to 2-Week High: South Africa Credit

Bloomberg - 22 Jan 2013 Mike Cohen ...“We are keeping a much closer eye on inflation now that the rand is a bit weaker,” Asief Mohamed, who oversees the equivalent of $112 million in assets as chief investment officer of Aeon Investment Management in Cape Town, said by phone yesterday. “If the rand were to [...]

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